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Nominated for the Critic's Choice Award by the UK Festival Awards, her solo performance at Glade Festival was reviewed: "Never before have I seen someone relatively unknown make so many faces smile from ear to ear."

"Brit singer Moonstone all praise for Indian music
She's in love with contradictions of India
In pursuit of truth
Sarangi strains flow from Birt musician Milli

Milli Moonstone: The Sacred Art of Opening the Heart

Milli Moonstone SingingWhen song and spirit embrace in the flow of effortless grace, they give the heart the space for our dreams to take place. Hailing from London, Milli Moonstone invites us to sing our souls high. Channeling the radiant voice of her spirit, Milli delights in sharing her passionate love of music as a path for healing, inspiration, and transformation. 

As a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, model, and actress, Milli Moonstone has toured throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and India with her unique brand of spiritually inspired folk music. She has regularly performed at UK's leading festivals, including Glade, Chill, Bestival, Secret Garden, Sunrise, Big Green, and Lovebox, as well as at London's finest venues, including the Barbican, Coliseum, and Cargo. Having studied Western and Eastern classical music all her life, graduating from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, she released her debut album "Lose Myself" in 2009 and its songs have been featured in Bollywood movies. 

With uplifting songs and timeless mantras, through her own singing workshops as well as the active dance meditations of Urubu, the UK's first ecstatic dance band, she creates a space for people to experience music as a direct connection to the source. By giving and receiving the wonder of life, these songs serve as an open invitation for a direct encounter with the beauty, the heartache, the wisdom, and the mystery of one's own being. 

Milli Moonstone: "Lose Myself" Video